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It is actually pretty easy to build credit. Try one of the following ideas: Ask your bank or credit union about a secured credit card. You can make a deposit to your account and have a credit limit in the amount of your deposit. The bank takes little risk and you build credit slowly. Use […]


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When determining your credit score there is five key components. 1.Payment History– Paying your credit cards or revolving accounts and installment loans like car payments and student loans on time is important. They will report favorably to your credit as long as you pay your bill before it is 30 days late. If you make […]


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FICO Scores

For many first time homebuyer; understanding how their credit score benefits them is foriegn. Your credit scores come from payment history from credit cards, installment loans from banks and mortgages. Your score is also impacted by information that is obtained from court records such as bankruptcy , judgements and tax liens that are attached to […]


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