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Rural Development (RD) Loans A USDA guaranteed Loan is government-insured 100% purchase loan. These loans are only offered in non-urban areas and serviced by direct lenders that meet federal guidelines. USDA Loans – They’re NOT for Farmers! A USDA home loan has nothing to do with agriculture. USDA Loans used to be considered “farmers loans” […]


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  Government Loans What is a Government Loan? A number of loan programs are sponsored by the federal government to assist American families to become homeowners. The programs are structured to insure various loan types, allowing lenders to approve loans for more people. The most popular government backed loan programs are the Federal Housing Administration […]


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ANOKA COUNTY DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE AT A GLANCE Terms and Conditions: Down Payment Assistance funds will be provided to eligiblerecipients in an amount not to exceed $10,000.00.Funds will be secured against the property as a 0% interest deferred loan for five years. In the sixth year repayment requirements of down payment assistance funds will be […]


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