Are you already pre-qualified with someone and they don’t offer down payment assistance?

This can be very frustrating because you have already started the home buying process. Don’t be discouraged because your lender can’t offer you down payment assistance.

Even though you have been pre-qualified with another lender, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a lender that will help you set up down payment assistance.

We recommend that you get pre-qualified with a mortgage lender who offers down payment assistance. We know that many of you are scared to get two different approvals as you think it will hurt your credit score. This is not true. Your credit score won’t be affected by two different mortgage companies checking to see what you qualify for. It will be hurt if you have it checked more than that within 30 days by multiple companies, but getting a second opinion doesn’t hurt your score.

Getting a second opinion on a mortgage is like getting a second opinion for the doctors. You want to make sure you get the right information and the right help. If you feel that you can’t be helped with one lender, why not see if you can with another?

If you are still nervous about having two companies run your credit, we recommend that you research mortgage companies that offer down payment assistance before getting pre-qualified.

To see what you qualify for with down payment assistance, please contact us or visit

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