• 1-4 Units townhomes condos ok
  • $45,000 maximum and $3,000 minimum 3.5% interest rate amortized through 12/1/2022
  • Do Not have to be a 1st time buyer!!!!

FHA approved

The Dayton’s Bluff Historic District was approved by the St. Paul City Council in August, 1992. The creation of the Historic District recognizes the historical and architectural significance of this early St. Paul neighborhood and is an important part of our neighborhood’s revitalization.

Dayton’s Bluff is one of St. Paul’s least discovered cultural resources. It began as a fashionable residential locale for the wealthy; it evolved in the early 1880s into a suburb of broad social and economic diversity.

The neighborhood included breweries and railroads and their workers. Some of the homes were the residences of famous early settlers of the area. Others were the homes of those who later went on to fame. Many of the original homes still stand today and have already celebrated their one-hundredth birthday. The current interest in the revitalization of Dayton’s Bluff focuses largely on these fine older buildings which are the record of the area’s long history.


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