In todays real estate market there is more first time homebuyer money or down payment assistance availiable than ever. That being said when you are interviewing a loan officer to decide if you may want to work with them ask about programs that may be availiable. With so many out there you can not expect that they will know about every program but you can gage their reaction on how willing they are to do the research on programs that may be able to help you. You will need to let the loan officer know household income as well as areas you are looking in because those are two very large factors on qualifing for assistance. If they are not willing to do research for you on possible down payment assistance it will be time to move on to a new lender. One very good resource for some of the programs that are availiable is at (Minnesota Home Ownership Center). At the website you can download the Entry Cost Matrix Down Payment and Closing Cost and that will give you a list of programs by area. If you have any questions on any of these programs please feel free to contact me.

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