Everyone is wondering how to get down payment assistance. This is based upon what you qualify for, which can determine which program is right for you. There is not one program for everyone, because each person’s situation is different.


The first step would be to see which programs you qualify for. The best way to do this is to talk with a mortgage lender, who will be able to find out what programs you qualify for based upon certain factors that are needed. The best way for them to see which program is best for you, is to get you pre-approved. To get pre-approved within 24-48 hours, please go to www.yourloanstartshere.com.


The next step would be to sit down with a mortgage lender to discuss which programs are available to you. Once the mortgage lender has all your information from being pre-approved, they can then tell you what you qualify for. The mortgage lender cannot discuss which program is right for you without being able to review your information.


The last step is getting the mortgage. Once you are pre-approved and have found a home you love, then the loan process has been started. Through the loan process the down payment assistance will be applied.


Please feel free to talk with one of our mortgage bankers with any questions you may have regarding getting the down payment assistance in Minnesota.

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