On all FHA case numbers assigned on or after April 9th 2012 will be subject to these changes.  This increase was due to the Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Countinuation Act of 2011 that the President signed into law December 23,2011 (Public Law 112-78).    So here are some of the changes taking place today.  The UFMIP will be increased from 1% to 1.75% of the base loan amount.  This increase applies regardless of the term of the loan or Loan to Value.  The annual premiums on any term greater than 15 years is above 95% LTV is 125 bps and 95% LTV or less is 120 bps.  If your loan Term is 15 years or less the annual premium is 60 bps anything above 90% LTV and 35 bps 90% LTV or less.

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